Road Trip Across America – How Long Will it Take?

Road Trip Across America - How Long Will it Take?When it comes to road trips across America, few places can offer scenery that is so varied as the Great American West. With mountain ranges, deserts, forests and sunny beaches, it’s little wonder that thousands choose this as their final destination. If you have never been on such a long road trip before, prepare yourself for an amazing trip.Road Trip Across America

For most road trip across America, the journey starts in a large metropolitan area such as New York or Los Angeles where driving a rented vehicle is usually the easiest option. However, if you prefer to travel by train, then the best way to go is from the nation’s capital to the southern part of the United States, which includes both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. On the way you will pass through states such as North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, as well as along the Gulf Coast and into Canada. Getting around can be challenging during the winter months, so plan accordingly to make your trip a memorable one.Road Trip Across America Ideas

The first leg of your road trip across America begins in the large state of New York, where you will find a number of attractions including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Broadway theater. From there, you travel south along I-40, which is now known as the West Coast Highway, until you reach the historic town of Clarksville, which is on the banks of the Mississippi River. From here you travel southward along I-35, the last portion of which passes through Texas. Finally, you turn left on I-40, traveling east until you reach the final destination of your trip, the town of Fort Collins, Colorado, which is nestled just below the Continental Divide. Whatever you decide, have a great, and memorable, road trip in the USA.