The Best Road Trip SUV

road trip photoWhen you are planning the best road trip SUV, one of the main things that you need to decide is what type of vehicle you will use to get there and back. In addition to the size of your SUV you also need to know how many people will be traveling with you. One of the best SUV’s on the market today is the Ford Motor Company Focus. If you are looking for a family or an all terrain vehicle then the Ford Focus fits the bill.road trip photo

The Ford Focus has all the basic features that you would expect from an all terrain vehicle. You have plenty of room, a great engine, great seats, a great warranty and lots of extras including entertainment systems, GPS, and a top of the line dashboard. The Ford Focus even offers Ford Personalization which allows you to program the various settings on your gauge cluster to make it the perfect kind of vehicle for whatever you want it to be. With so many great options you can’t go wrong with the Ford Focus.road trip photo

Other excellent SUV’s include the Honda Odyssey and Fords. Both of these vehicles have been consistently well reviewed throughout the country and they offer plenty of storage room and gas mileage. The Ford also has great gas mileage and a great dashboard. If you need a family or a truck then the Ford is definitely the way to go. For even more information on SUVs you can go online and check out our reviews.

When planning the best road trip SUV it is always a great idea to pack the vehicle a few days before leaving to work out where everything will go. That way you are not trying to fit things in at the last minute. Plan this move in advance, and you will have a much better start to the journey.